Like BMW and VW, Nissan join mobileye mapping for Autonomous driving..

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In Modern time , All Automobile company start thinking about to make their car as driverless Car  ....The German companies BMW AG and Volkswagen AG both previously join the mobileye to make their car driverless and testing them. ...
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Now the Nissan also deal with the Mobileye and the pact will be depended upon the present relationship between Nissan and Mobileye...

The Japanese automaker agreed to shared information to make the mapping data more precise and Autonomous driving more successful . ..
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Mobileye chairman Amnon shashua has a technology that will get the information from crowd sourced and Real time mapping and use that such a way that It will make the car Autonomously driving . ..

Now the "Mobileye have 27 global Auto maker , In which BMW and VW also included and we are sharing data to make the future of cars." said Amnon shashua.
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Mobileye Working on three principal sensing , Mapping and Driving policy  (setting for driving understand by AI)..

The pact of Nissan and Mobileye is biggest deal before Intel annnoued last month that "we want to buy mobileye in 15.3 billion $...

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