How do download youtube videos


you all know that there are so so many videos on YouTube some are useful for us and some for entertain us and some are helpful us and some are teaching us etc so many videos , From them when we watch the which is extremely helpful or useful then we think to keep this videos store in your computer , mobile , mac etc. and then we find difficult that How do download videos from youtube so it's so simple for every device  For that follow this ..

●πŸ˜‰first way is that select the video that you want to download then copy url of video from url box of browser then search save and then paste the video url in this sites search box..then click on download button . .your also select type of format audio,video,mp4,mp3 etc..
☆°πŸ˜ƒsecond way is Add "" or "" 
before the URL example:
☆°☺third way is add ss before youtube in url ...
For example
And then your get download button click on that then ad appear so close it and video download in seconds . ..thnx for read if it helpful then comment below for any other topic..
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