Water and utility service

■water is a universal solvent because it is a common solvent of inorganic and organic substance . 
■ocean water of Japan and Israel contains about 22.8% soluble substance. such high concentration of dissolved substance is cause of death of animals that utilitize it hence these ocean named as dead-ocean.
■sulphur water that found in kashmir and dehradun contains colloidal sulphur , hydrogen sulphide and sulphur compounds and such a water is very useful for skin disease .

■ Due to lack of pure water around 4 million people died every year ..and it dangerous number which affect whole world seriously .
■Our body is 90% made up of water and heart is made up 70% of water and other many things of body made up of water . .
■In a day we use around 169 gallons of water in our daily life . .
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